Roadtrippers and Chevrolet partnered to find the Most Road-Trippable Town in Canada this summer.
Roadtrippers and Chevrolet partnered to find the
Most Road-Trippable Town in Canada this summer.
Chevrolet and Roadtrippers sent twelve families on unforgettable road trips across the country to discover the Most Road-Trippable Town in Canada. From the mountains of British Columbia to scenic fjords in Newfoundland, each family captured Canada in a way you’ve never seen before as they travelled across the nation in the Chevrolet Equinox. It was the Yildiz family’s trip to Bonavista, Newfoundland that won the title.


Check out the Yildiz Family’s highlights below to see why Bonavista is Canada’s Most Road-Trippable Town.

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“This road trip gave us the chance to discover areas of our province we otherwise may not have. In doing so we found amazing food, scenery and adventures but more importantly, amazing people. No matter who you are or where you are from, Newfoundlanders always welcome you and make you feel at home.” – The Yildiz Family

Newfoundland’s Bonavista is just one of twelve amazing towns Chevrolet and Roadtrippers explored over the summer, and each is road trip-worthy in its own unique way. From the Maritime Provinces and the sweeping prairies all the way up to the Northwest Territories, here are some more supremely road-trippable towns.


Ontario is home to Canada’s jaw-dropping Bruce Peninsula. The rugged cliffs, hidden grottos, and turquoise water make a landscape so beautiful that it’s home to two parks: Bruce Peninsula National Park and the shipwreck-laden Fathom Five National Marine Park.


Québec is a fairytale province. Mountain towns surrounded by dense forests and historic neighborhoods lined with cobblestone streets and ornate architecture give it a storybook atmosphere, whether it’s bathed in sunshine or covered in snow.


Alberta’s Rockies are an essential Canadian experience. Imposing granite peaks capped with snow, opaque and electric blue-hued glacial-fed lakes, valleys filled with lush evergreen forests, grand historic hotels that harken back to the turn of the century—the parks and towns here truly do have it all.

British Columbia

British Columbia, with its temperate rainforests and misty, rugged Pacific coastline is a dreamy destination for any outdoor adventurer. Countless fjords, scenic cities, cute towns, lakes, and parks all combine to ensure that pretty much every road is a scenic drive.


Manitoba is Canada’s heartland. The sweeping prairies are home to lovely farms, postcard-perfect small towns, and a lot of important history. You’ll feel like you’ve time-travelled to a simpler era on a visit here. It all adds up to a warm and inviting region that is well worth a visit.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of the Maritime Provinces, so it should come as no surprise that it boasts awesome coastal and river towns. Each has its own character, culture, and personality, from the quirky Irish village of Miramichi to the bustling capital of Fredericton on the banks of the St. John.

Northwest Territories

Gems are hidden among the 1,144,000 square kilometres of wilderness that make up the Northwest Territories. Where else can you watch bison roam through town, admire views from the longest bridge in Northern Canada, and take part in celebrations of the indigenous culture?

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has been attracting visitors from all around for centuries (hello, Leif Erikson and Samuel de Champlain.) Today, the Victorian, maritime vibes and abounding natural beauty in the province keep it as popular as ever with tourists looking for an escape from the everyday.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is a roadtripper’s heaven that has a reputation as “The Garden on the Gulf” (thanks to the many farms here). But, it’s a vastly varied landscape, with beaches, dunes, red sandstone cliffs, saltwater marshes, seaside towns, harbours, lakes, grassland, and more.


Welcome to Saskatchewan, the land of 100,000 lakes. This prairie province is a natural beauty steeped in rich First Nations history. Enjoy the sunniest weather in all of Canada and explore swaths of grassland, sand dune-lined lakes, roadside kitsch, and boreal forests in this special province.


Step back into the Gold Rush era in the Yukon Territory. Even if you don’t strike it rich and dig up gold (yes, you can really pan for treasure here), you can enjoy the treasures of historic, Wild Western Dawson City, or get back to nature at one of the many parks in the region.
Getting to travel across a country like Canada with awe-inspiring provinces and territories, like we have, makes everyone a winner. For being Canadian enough to bring us along in their journey, we’d like to salute all families who participated.